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Automotive News August 21, 1995 - 12:01 am ET After fielding a redesigned Continental in early 1995, Lincoln will use the 1996 model year to celebrate its 75th anniversary. Beginning in September, Lincoln will offer limited-edition 1996 Diamond Anniversary models of the Town Car, Mark VIII and Continental. About 1,000 units of each model will be built. 

The limited-volume models will feature cordovan or silver frost exteriors with a '75th Anniversary Edition' logo in the rear quarter window. Each owner will receive a Waterford crystal diamond sculpture.

Since 1920, Lincoln has sold more than 4.5 million cars.

The 1996 lineup includes:
Redesigned in January 1995, the luxury sedan adds an optional personal security package later in the calendar year. Called Lincoln RESCU - for Remote Emergency Satellite Cellular Unit - the system uses global positioning satellites and cellular phone technology to signal for emergency aid.

Two signal buttons are on the overhead console. One calls roadside assistance. The other is for police or medical emergencies. Through orbiting satellites, the system pinpoints the car's location within 100 feet and connects the driver to an emergency operator.

The security package also includes a feature called Securi-tire - designed to keep motorists from being stranded. The Michelin ZP tires can travel without air pressure for up to 20 miles at about 50 mph without loss of handling or control. The zero-pressure tire has reinforced sidewalls and is mounted on a specially engineered chrome wheel. Driving at lower speeds increases the distance the tire can travel.

A 75th-anniversary package will be available later in the model year.

Mark VIII:
A monochromatic Luxury Sport Coupe that was first offered in the 1996 model year will be reprised in October. The LSC's 4.6-liter V-8 engine puts out 290 horsepower compared to the 280-hp rating of the standard Mark VIII V-8 engine.

‚ÄčLater in the model year, Lincoln will offer a Diamond Anniversary Edition Mark VIII.

Town Car:
A special 75th-anniversary edition of the large rear-wheel-drive sedan will mark Lincoln's diamond jubilee.  

Every owner received this unique engraved Waterford Crystal display.